Why do some American guys like Asian girls?

The so-called yellow fever has swept through America, and it shows no signs of stopping. Asian women are the most popular in the dating community among American guys today amidst all the stereotypes and shaming that circulates around it. However, contrary to popular opinion, the allure of Asian women on American men extends far beyond what most people suggest.

This article will explain several reasons why American guys like Asian women, and why Caucasian women are lagging behind in the American dating scene.


It is natural for any race to have certain affinity towards those who they see is exotic. Particularly, Americans have affinity towards Asian women because they do not get to see dark-haired, petite, slim, and feminine women all that often. Latinas and African women have the same effect on them, but Asian women are on a whole new level.

Protector Instinct

Most men reinforce their masculinity by thinking that they can protect their significant other. Asian women, in particular, inspire this feeling to many American men. Their slim, petite, and fragile frame activates that primal force among American men, and it makes them feel more of a man than when they are with a Caucasian woman.

Comfortable with their femininity

American guys see Caucasian women as troubled individuals in terms of their sexual identity. Due in part to the rise of feminism in the West, women feel the need to dominate their men to feel that their femininity is rescued and intact.

As such, they begin to develop a troubled personality when it comes to men, leading towards hostility and aggression. American guys just do not see that in Asian women. In fact, they see them as sweet, loving, independent, and perfectly comfortable with their femininity and the social roles that come along with it.

Looks perpetually younger

It has been a common notion that Asian women age slower than their Caucasian counterparts. Studies attribute diet as the primary reason why their physical appearance cannot seem to catch up with their age. That is most appealing to American men, and it is greatly emphasizes due to how Caucasian women seemingly age twice as fast.

Takes better care of themselves

The beauty of Asian women is also due to how they take care of themselves. American guys love how Asian women properly use and accentuate their God-given features through make-up to look tantalizing. The understated sexiness of the simplicity and finesse of Asian women can make an American guys fall in love at first sight.

“Beautiful” women

This criterion is a subset of the appeal of novelty of Asian women to American men, but this section will discuss more on the why’s and how’s. Basically, it became rare for American guys to see Caucasian women that are as refined and classy as Asian women. Most of the Caucasian women they describe have already let go of taking care of themselves, and some are even suffering from obesity. As such, they are shocked and in awe to see so many “beautiful” women in Asian countries because it fits in their ideals of femininity.

More fun, less pressure

American guys have a notion that Asian women are more concerned in what their men feel rather than in what men make them feel. As such, Asian women are known among American men as more fun and less pressure of a partner. They do not need to repeatedly emphasize their masculinity because they accept their partners whole-heartedly.

Emotional tenderness

American guys describe their experience with Caucasian women as a constant struggle for dominance in the relationship. Similarly, they say that Caucasian women have the unrelenting need to be correct—which is their main difference with Asian women. For American guys, Asian women have emotional maturity, and they have never felt loved and supported as they did with Asian women.


Loyalty is used here to describe support for a person’s wish or goal; American guys love that about Asian women. Their experience with being in a relationship with an Asian woman vastly differs from a relationship with a Caucasian one, which is often dominated by nagging and disrespecting. They say that American culture teaches women to disrespect men as a way of taking that respect. Asian culture, on the other hand, derives their perceptions and attitude along the lines of peace and harmony.


Asian women are a favorite among American men because they feel comfortable with the idea of settling down with an Asian woman. They know that Asians are popular for being family-oriented, and it actually gives them a clear idea to how their family will look like with an Asian woman.

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What are High Risk Transactions?

Real estate is an appealing market where every investor chases for an opportunity that will lead to success. Every transaction has its own risk. However, some of them have more risks as compare to others. High risks transactions are those deal that the investors enter where there is a huge possibility of loss. A great example of this is if you buy junks of bonds where the possibility of losing all your money is high.

High-risk transactions happen when the practitioner that is supposed to certify it does not previously know about existing landowner who happened to be the mortgagor or transferor. Other scenarios that can lead to it are when the existing landowner:

  • Mortgages or transfers an unencumbered land
  • Is a non-resident landowner
  • Transfers a matrimonial property
  • Provides foreign and unfamiliar document to verify the identity
  • Has an unconventional and or unusual instruction or request concerning the payment for mortgage funds or proceeds of sale.
  • Provides contact information that are not in contact nor related to the physical address of the property

Sales with no Money Down

Back in the day, obtaining a 100% financing from banks is easy with the 80/20 combo loans. Here, the mortgagor will have 2 mortgages. The first is for the first 80% of the purchase price and the remaining 20% will be the second one. Financing deals such as this has always been rampant and many homeowners fall to the trap.   They choose not to put money down with the assumption that the property will appreciate. However, home prices of today do not appreciate now like the way they use to be. They are in fact steadily dropping. Letting sales go with no money down will shift more risks to you and can worsen as the time drag on. When homeowners do not have equity, there is a big possibility that they will walk away from the deal, which will then lead to foreclosures. A free no money down site is Mature Tube Dates great for mature dating!

Sales Where Owners Take Back Financing

In seller-financed transactions, the sellers became the lenders as well. This is not the same with how mortgage lenders and banks lend the buyers money through loans. In the scenario, the seller will be allowing the buyers to make their payment. This kind of deals is good as they are faster and shorter processes. However,   there is a possibility that you will be paying for a higher interest. Seller financing is tremendously risky especially when the finances of your buyer is uncertain. There is no guarantee that you will be getting what you thought you could.

Sales featuring balloon payment, Zero-interest Mortgages or Adjustable-Rate Financing

This kind of sales is not safe for sellers. It is not because they are bad deals but more on the features that they have. It would be better to have a long look on it and scrutinize them carefully before you decide to move forward.

Sales with balloon payments have a shorter life compared to others and are riskier at the same time. The first month of payments will go smoothly. However, as the deal mature, the buyers will have difficulty paying it, which makes it truly a high-risk kind of transaction.

On the other hand, sales with adjustable-rate financing are risky because of the lack of consistency in the payment. As the rates adjust, buyers will have difficulty budgeting and paying the mortgage especially if the adjustments occur every month or a few.

Interest-only mortgages are also risky. This allows the buyers to spend money more than they should instead of investing it. Many buyers are also not capable of affording the principal payment when the time comes. In addition, the income from it grows in a slower phase.

Sales with Far in the Future Settlement Schedule

Handling large sum of money at once is a stressful task. Structured settlement can effectively alleviate it, which makes it an appealing negotiation for many people. The deal may have strong and good points to consider. However, sales with a scheduled settlement far in the future are a deal that we need to be wary about. First, we can never tell what the future can bring us. Moreover, disagreements about the original term might occur from both parties and start an issue. Setting it up also requires large commission payments that will surely make you regret once the deal did into work as how you anticipated it.

Investors bother to enter deals in order to gain something big from it. Entering to high-risk transactions might provide them with the opposite. Thus, it is imperative that they know what high-risk transactions are and how they can steer away from it as much as possible.